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Business Ethics

ShinhanCard pursues novel methods differentiated from those of the past, seeks new modalities suited for new environment, and takes ethical value as top standard for its business activities to build a win-win virtuous cycle-based structure bringing the values of customers, ShinhanCard, and society to new heights.


Establishment of Shinhan’s code of ethics

Group Code of Ethics and Employee Code of Conduct were established, setting the standards for ethical value and behaviors of employees.

Establishment of implementation program for ethical management

Various programs have been created to put the ethical management into practice and to encourage active involvement of employees.

  • Operation of ‘Integrity Agreement System’ ensuring the transparency and fairness of contracts Operation of ‘Ethical Practice Pledge System’ reflecting the commitment of all employees to observe ethical standards
  • Operation of the ‘Law and Regulation Compliance Self-Check Program’ designed to ensure conformity of routine daily works to ethical standards, laws and regulations
  • Establishment of regulations prohibiting illegal solicitation, etc. to prevent illicit solicitation, bribery and so forth
  • Operation of ‘Whistleblower System that encourages employees to take on the role of watchdog keeping an eye on internal illegal and unjust activities spontaneously
  • Operation of Subcontractor Leniency System (offering mitigation/exemption of liabilities in the event of voluntary reporting of unfair transactions) designed to prevent unfair transactions, etc
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