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Environmental Business

ShinhanCard carries out environmental management with its employees, customers, and partners to minimize environmental impact and increase efficiency of energy use, thereby promoting sustainable development and fulfilling social responsibility.

Environmental Management




Environmental Management Policy

  • All employees should make efforts to protect the environment by reducing environmental impact and saving the energy to promote environmental management, such as environment and energy.
  • All employees should fulfill international requirements related to environment, comply with related domestic laws and regulations, perform their obligations as stakeholders, and adhere to the principle of transparency of disclosure, fulfilling the role as members of sustainable corporation
  • employees should make efforts at constant improvement by establishing environment objectives and action plans and evaluating the results.
  • efforts should be made to provide support for logistical resources necessary for environmental management and to operate well-arranged management system, so that performance can be further improved.
  • The environmental certification and energy efficiency improvement should be taken into consideration when purchasing products and service and when deploying and expanding the facilities.
  • All employees should cooperate with one another in All endeavors of the Company, like promoting the policies and procedures of the Company widely and and seeking the programs for expanding the capabilities and competency, so that subcontractors can join the environmental management.
  • efforts should be made to mitigate the impact on the environment of customers and communities and to save energy based on financial support related to the environment.
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